Great News on Good Friday!

After you receive and accept your referral, you must wait for "travel approval" to be given by the Nepal Ministry to come and pick-up your child. There have been several families that have been matched since last September, and even more matches received in March, that have been waiting for their travel approval. I just heard today from our Yahoo "nepaladopt" group that the Minister has signed travel approvals and they are on their way to the families!! This is GREAT news! It means that these waiting families can FINALLY go pick up their children, and it also means the program continues to move forward.

Thank You, Jesus, for this great news on Good Friday!

File Reviewed; Match Awaiting; Prayer Requested!

Once your file (aka: “dossier”) is in Nepal, there are two steps that will take place before you receive your match (aka: “referral”). The first step is, the Ministry reviews your file. The second step is, the Ministry gives your file to the “matching committee,” who then matches you to your child.

I recently heard from our agency, who received an e-mail from their in-country coordinator, that all files had been reviewed and matched. I e-mailed my case manager and said, “What? Really? Does that mean we’re matched?” My case manager said that yes, she believed it did mean we were matched, and that she thought we’d all hear a “big update” once April was here. (The Ministry in Nepal said they would have everyone matched by April, so that’s why my case manager said April.)

This was a little hard for me to believe, but even if we weren’t matched, at least I would know that our file had been reviewed.

I heard this week from a UK friend who is adopting from Nepal, and is currently in Nepal volunteering. While there, she decided to call the Ministry to ask for a status on all the files.

The Ministry told her that all files had been reviewed, and are ready for matching. However, they are not matched yet. The reason they aren't matched is because the coordinator of the matching committee moved to a different position in the government. So, the position is vacant and the government needs to hire someone. No matches will be made until they hire the matching committee coordinator. So the files are just sitting there - reviewed and ready to go. Ugh. BUT, I feel we now we have a unique opportunity to pray in someone for that position! So, pray we will!

Please join with me in prayer that the Lord will fill the matching committee coordinator with His choice, and quickly!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! They mean so much to us.