I Love Summer

OK, so I know it is not officially summer, but the weather has been nice in Walla Walla, and a few weeks ago we had a little dinner party on our deck with some buddies and enjoyed some fresh salads, incredible steaks, great drinks, and most of all - each other...a taste of summer!!

I hope you're all enjoying the warmer weather, and that you have a summer filled with Jesus, good times, and great friends!!

Cutest little girl EVER.

My godson, Grady, chillin'.

Honeydew - yummy!

Our friend Jamie with Abi. So cute!!

Dinner! Grilled steaks, Greek quinoa lemon-garlic salad, black bean/corn lime-cilantro salad and strawberries!

Precious friends!!!

Once again....cutest girl EVER!!! Also, she had a chair to sit in, but decided she wanted to sit on the patio steps. She is so funny!

After dinner, we had fun at our neighborhood park sliding and swinging!

Abi wanted to catch mama too!

My godson, Logan, playing in the tunnel.

Happy boy!

Love, love, love her!!!

Me and my girl.

Abi pretending she's sleeping in the tunnel.

She's awake!

And asleep again.

Only my farmer friend carries around bullets in his pocket!