Maoist Strikes in Nepal are Over!

Thank You, Jesus! Whoo-hoo! http://www.ekantipu 05/07/top- story/maoists- withdraw- strike/313858/

Now, back to work for the Matching Committee. I pray grace over them as they match all of us to our destined children.


Word on the Street: Files have been Reviewed

We heard today from a trusted prospective adoptive parent, through their agency who just returned from Nepal, that all of the 2009 files have truly been reviewed by the Ministry, and are with the Matching Committee. This means they are ready for matching. Let it be so, Lord!

Thank you for joining us in this journey, and in prayer!

Baby Shortage

We were told by our agency, who was informed by their Nepal in-country coordinator, that there is a shortage of adoptable babies. They suggested anyone who has asked for a child under 12 months, switch to a child three years old or older.

If we switched, it would mean we would need to update our home study, our USCIS paperwork, and a few other items. It involves more money and more time.

We've decided to stick with an infant because that is what is in our hearts. We will wait it out, keep praying, and see what God will do. Please join us in prayer.

Significant Protest in Nepal - Prayer Is Needed

The Maoist political party begun a protest today in Kathmandu. 120,000 people are in the protest, and their main goal is to overthrow the government. So far, the protest is peaceful. However, the entire city is at a standstill. The US Embassy has shut down for the moment. There are families in Kathmandu picking up their children, but with the Embassy closed down, they can't get a Visa to bring their child home. This also means the Ministry and Matching Committee are likely closed down for the time being.

Here is a CNN video about it:

We really, really, really need your prayers—for us, for the other adoptive parents, and for Nepal. Let's see God do a miracle.