Update - pictures!!

Look as these darling pictures we received last night (6/29)!!!

We are so completely in love with this precious girl!!!!

Abigail Mei is now 18 months old, 28 pounds and 2' 7.5" tall! So much for 18-month old clothes (which we have a lot of)!! (Any parents out there who have 2T clothes from their babies that they'd like to donate??)

We leave in less than two weeks to go get this little treasure...

Two weeks to go!

I woke up very early this morning and thought, "Two weeks from now we'll be at the airport waiting to board the plane to go get our little girl." Wow. I laid there and had daydreams about what that will be like.

My daydreams will soon be a reality.

I fall more in love with Tan Zhifu/Abigail Mei every day.

We're going to China!

Our appointments in China are confirmed! We've booked our flights, and we're going to China!!!!

We leave on July 13 from Walla Walla at 6:50am and arrive in Wuhan on July 14 at 9:30pm.
Gotcha Day for Miss Abigail Mei Robinson is July 16.
We'll be in Wuhan until July 20 (my birthday!) or 21, then fly to Guangzhou.
Our Consulate Appointment is on July 25 in Guangzhou.
We'll fly home on July 28 from Guangzhou at 8:30am, and arrive home in Walla Walla on July 28 at 8:49pm.

We're comin' to get you Miss Abi Mei Robinson!! We love you!!!

Mama and Daddy

TA is on it's way!

We heard from our agency today that travel approval (TA) has been mailed!! It looks like we'll be traveling in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Process for travel approval has begun!

We found out today from our agency that our "Article 5" has been picked up from the US consulate and taken to the China Center of Adoption Affairs. We are now officially waiting for travel approval!! Our agency says it can take two to four weeks to receive travel approval. We've seen it take anywhere from 10 to 14 days with the China adoption community we're a part of, though have seen one person wait 3 weeks. May the Lord move our process along so that it is less than 2 weeks till we have travel approval! Once we have travel approval, we will get to leave about two weeks later, depending on our when our appointments are in Wuhan and Guangzhou.

What is the "Article 5?" The US consulate needs to review our Abigail's visa application to make sure the application meets the qualifications for an immigrant visa. After they review it, they sign off that everything is in order for the adoption to be completed. This is called the Article 5 letter. The Article 5 letter must be in place to obtain custody of our little Abi Mei. It is the last big and final step of our pre-Abi paperwork! Hallelujah!




Precious friend Nicole made little Abi Mei this darling tutu!!

Horton had to try it out.

Haha. Too cute.

Baby doll had to also try it out.

She likes it!

Horton sportin' the tutu till Abi arrives home!

Time to Fly!

Molly's dad, Bill, was flying over to see her today since she will soon head off to Uganda for mission work. Molly is a dear friend and part of our church, and her dad spends the summers in Alaska doing flight seeing, so this was his time to see her before going to Alaska. Molly arranged for me to go flying in his plane while he was here. I have never flown in such a small plane, it's a 1953 "Cessna," Molly tells me. It was truly amazing!! I also feel it was picturesque of what God is doing in my life right now and at Journey too...it is time to fly!!

Bill landing!

Father and daughter

I love these two - Molly and Nicole! PS: I'm about to go flying. :)

A couple of crazy, amazing girls!!

A piece of our beautiful, amazing Walla Walla valley!

It was raining. It was really fun to go up in the rain. The Lord has given us a promise that He will "come like the rain." May it be so! Bring your refreshment, rejuvenation and revival to Walla Walla, Lord Jesus!

Bill's hands! You notice they are not on the wheel. Why is that? Because I'm driving!! He said to me, "You want to drive?" I said, "Uhh...yes!" So this is me driving! I guess I better look ahead again and get my eyes back on the "sky." SUPER FUN!!

I'm still driving. I got to do turns and everything. It was great!

"I flew a plane!"