Pomegranates are the Fruit of Love!

Indeed, it is true. Pomegranates are synonyms with love! We were blessed to be in Turkey when pomegranates were in season. My friends had several pomegranate trees in their yard. I ate a pomegranate (or two) every day!

Oh the glory! Helllooo, pomegranates!

This is a lemon not ripe yet.


Lots of apples too, but who wants apples when you can have pomegranates?

My breakfast nearly every morning...Turkish yogurt with fresh pomegranates and honey! Heavenly.

I Love this Man

This is Andrew in Turkey bright and early enjoying time with his Jesus, his Bible and his Turkish coffee. I love this man with all of my heart!

11/9/11: DTC!!!!

Today is a very special day for us! I just found out from our agency that our dossier is ready to go, and it is being mailed to China TODAY!

DTC Day: Dossier to China Day!!!

Turkish Family, Turkish Food, and the Stealing of My Heart

Our second night in Turkey we got to meet my best friend's Turkish family, and enjoy a Turkish meal together. I got to both help and watch an amazing mother and daughter make a traditional, incredible, full of life Turkish meal for us. The women in the kitchen cooking and talking; the men on the porch hanging out. Yes, I know (and live) the truth that men and women are equal. But there is something incredibly endearing about being with your own kind and sharing life together while you chop tomatoes, crush spices and laugh about the little things in life. And the big things too. It was my first time experiencing Turkish culture, and this is when Turkey stole my heart. Honestly, I still don't have it back.

My best friend's Turkish family.
Let the cooking begin!
Turkish people get their hands in their cooking. Everything is fresh, nothing is processed, and you use your hands for most everything rather than various tools and appliances. As we tried to learn how to do this, we wanted to roll this lentil/bulgar meal up like perfect little sausage-like rolls, but our Turkish family told us—no, make sure you can see your fingerprints so those eating the meal would know how much you cared about it, putting your very fingerprints on it.
Like I said, Turkey stole my heart.
The food speaks for itself! The main dish was a mix of Turkish spices, lentils, bulgar, onion and olive oil. You would take a lettuce leaf and put the main dish in the leaf, then squeeze fresh lemon juice on top of it and then in your mouth it goes! We also had a chicken dish that was cooked in a light, fresh tomato/parsely sauce, with rice that was cooked and slightly fried with olive oil and pine nuts. RIDICULOUS.
Loved eating on the floor with everyone. Lots of laughter, eating, enjoyment! Also, it's Turkish culture to grab what you'd like rather than ask for it (believing it is rude to interrupt someone from eating or talking, to get something for you). So, there was also lots of grabbing of food from across the way. Loved it!
And then, after we were done eating, the boys were kicked out and the girls enjoyed Turkish belly dancing!! Part 2 of Turkey stealing my heart!

Learning how to belly dance.
I gave an Uzbekistan scarf to our Turkish Mom for blessing us with her generous heart and amazing meal.

The Journey Begins to Turkey!

It was a dream come true...go overseas with my love, Andrew. And in addition to that, to visit my best friend in Turkey, and minister with her side by side in her country! We went with three other dear friends, Kari Potter, Amanda Potter and Kelsi Evans. Here are pictures as we head out of Walla Walla, drive to Seattle, and land in Antalya, Turkey! These pictures aren't in order, but I don't know how to move them around. You'll get the idea!

Look who came with us! The creepy creature! (By the way, she snuck in by the Mrs. Kari Potter!! You stinker!)

In Seattle. Lots of bags!

Bag repair...needle and thread!

En route to Seattle. Outback in Yakima!

Mother and daughter! En route to Seattle.
Ready to go! Leaving Walla Walla.

Love this boy! We're on our long flight from Seattle to Istanbul.

Love this picture of all the flags. Love the nations!