First Christmas together

Hello, friends and family! I haven't blogged for a looong time only because I've apparently reached my limit of free space for pictures! I guess I have to now buy space. How odd...I didn't know that blogger did that, especially with how much the program reduces the size of the images you post? Anyway, while I'm looking into it, I thought I'd at least see about posting one picture of Christmas Eve. This was after we got home from our delightful Christmas Eve service. The next day, for Christmas, we had Andrew's parents over, and a couple of other dear friends, for Christmas dinner. Of course, opening presents that morning was simply the best. It was a wonderful first Christmas together!!! As soon as I figure out how I can add more photos (for free), then I'll get you caught up on the rest of our lives! :)


  1. I've run out of photo space twice. I was like Are you kidding me? I just got the hubby to figure it out for me. I am good to go for awhile. I love to add a photo or two with my posts.

    blessings to you.

  2. I have a friend who is having the same problem! She is thinking of either printing her blog and making a book so she doesn't loose it or starting a new name/blog. I'd love to share with her a way to keep her current blog going and still be able to post pics! :)
    PS Heather, I have enjoyed so much following your families journey. It is such a beautiful and inspiring story! Abigail is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I've never had that issue, and I've been posting pictures like a fiend for years.

    Found this link and think I might try some of these tricks anyway, just to avoid it coming up:

  4. Heather, I had the same problem and I just added another administrator to my blog and it game me more. You can have up to 100 administrators. Hope that helps.