Cute, cute and more cute!

Greetings, friends!

Just wanted to post some photos to share the latest of our lives. Hope yours is wonderful. I've been growing in deep ways as a daughter of God, mother of Abi, wife of Andrew, and a pastor at our church. Jesus has come to me in such beautiful, sometimes difficult, sometimes joyful, ways and I'm gobbling up every second He chooses to show up. This doesn't mean I get to spend devoted hours with Him every day, but I choose to get up early in the morning and be with Him, then actively seek Him and commune with Him while playing with Abi, or doing the dishes, or making dinner, or taking a walk with a friend, or working on something for my beloved church, or whatever is going on. If we seek Him, we will find Him, through the times we are flourishing or the times we are desolate. The key is that we seek Him.

May we all continue this awesome pursuit. Blessings!

Abi Mei loves spaghetti!

First Christmas together

Abi's big Christmas gift...her own little play house. She loves it. So does Baba. :)

Happy New Year! (and celebrating with cheeky, silly friends - as you can see behind us!)


Abi now likes one of her favorite stuffed animals to eat with her. :)

First haircut! (while eating an orange and watching Veggie Tales) :)

My friend Jamie, the hair sylist, post-hair cut for Abi. SO CUTE!

Abi's first time in the snow. Abi didn't like it...she was too cold. :(

Abi in jeans! (She wouldn't smile or look at the camera for this picture because she just wanted to head out to see her bestie, Ada!)

Cute pigtails again!

Celebrating with dear friends that Abi is home...Three years ago they got us a very special bottle of wine to drink together when we had our child. What a special night this was...celebrating at last.

Bath baby!

So in love with my girl.

Happy 40th birthday, Baba! New guitar

Abi Mei with two of her cousins at my sister's wedding.


Ballet slippers!

PoPo with Abi Mei

Beautiful new sister with her three daughters, new husband and his two children. Also pictured are my parents. It was a lovely ceremony, and Andrew and I got to officiate. What an honor!

Wally Lee and Kristi Canning-Lee with me and Andrew. Such a day of celebration!

Time to go play in the snow!

She was much warmer, but still did not like the snow. :( We'll try again next year!


  1. I love seeing your family!!! Abi is ADORABLE and I absolutely love the picture of her looking at you!!!!!

  2. I love these pictures. What a perfect weekend it was! It was a once in a lifetime experience to see you and Andrew marry Wally and Kristi. I could feel Jesus blessing this event and see him guide you and Andrew as you spoke with both families. I know that it means so much to each one of them and they will remember and draw strength from those words in difficult times. Thank you. Love, mom and dad