Love Day

We had a lovely day of love on Feb. 14. Me and Abi hung out all day (but that is our blessing every day), and we also made homemade cupcakes to bring to a few friends. I got Abi her first Valentine's Day gift - a cupcake cup. :) We celebrated as a family at home with take-out Chinese food, candles, cards, chocolate and flowers! I didn't get pictures of the latter, but here are two from the day. :)

Our Valentine drinking from her new favorite cup.

Homemade cupcakes to bring to friends (and I saved some at home for Andrew too, of course): traditional chocolate cake with tiramisu marscapone frosting, toasted coconut and red sprinkles. :)


  1. I think you forgot to deliver ours :) --Mom

  2. Wow! Those cupcakes look amazing! And Abi is so adorable with that cup;)