USCIS fingerprinting complete!

We traveled to the Homeland Security Office in Yakima, Wash. today to get our fingerprints taken for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approval. The USCIS is the US department that gives us advance approval to internationally adopt an orphan. They will also be the department, that, when we get our referral of a child, will confirm with Nepal (through lots of paperwork) that the child is truly an orphan.

The fingerprinting went great! Just 20 minutes and we were done. And to think that I was nervous...even my hands were clammy. I guess the first time you do anything, especially of this nature, it's a little nervewracking.

After the fingerprinting was done, we enjoyed lunch at the Olive Garden (we had a gift certificate there - yay!) and then did a wee bit of shopping at Target. It was a fun day!

We only have two things left to do...once we get our USCIS approval, which is called an "I-171H" document, then we will get that notarized and send it to the Secretary of State for certification. Once we get that back from the State, all of our paperwork is DONE! We will send all of it to our agency, and they will send it all to Nepal!!

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