A Day We will Never Forget

One of the most important things we wanted to do was visit Abigail's orphanage, and see her finding spot. We also wanted to meet her foster mom if at all possible (we were told it was highly unlikely). We prayed that we would get to meet the foster mama. Our agency said we would visit the orphanage, but for some reason, it wasn't on the agenda for the week. So after asking a few times about visiting it (the location was 1.5 hours away from where we were), we got it on the agenda. :) God is so good.

Honestly, it will take me many, many days to process the precious time we had at the orphanage and with the staff. And most of all, it will take me many, many days to process what it was like to meet her foster mom, see Abi with her, and to get to hug the foster mom and hold her hands and tell her, "Thank you for taking care of our daughter, and loving her. We will take care of her." As she held my hands and looked in my eyes, she said (through the interpreter), "I am so glad to meet Zhifu's parents to see that she will be in a loving home." Andrew and I cried when we first met her, and we both wept as she talked with us and when we walked to the car. Even now, I am writing this post through my tears.

We were also able to take videos of the staff, ask them questions about memories of Abi, and take videos of Abi and her foster mama together. We taped them so Abi would have them for years to come.

Here are some pictures from these amazing, unforgettable hours.

Abi took a nap on the way.

Here is the orphanage! They knew Abigail was coming, and they had this sign made! It says, "Welcome home, Tan Zhi Fu." And then when we left, they gave it to us. Oh my goodness - what a treasure!!!

The beloved orphanage director. She is amazing.

The beloved woman who oversees the foster care families. She is also amazing!! Abi loves these ladies.

The playroom that Abi played in all the time.

These are the foster homes that are behind the orphanage. It is all connected for complete care. So great!

So we were taking pictures, and then here comes Abi's foster mama!! She heard that Abi was there, and came right over. When Abi saw her, she reached for her and then immediately gave her a kiss on the cheek. So, so beautiful. Andrew and I were shedding tears of joy.

The face says everything! Abgail treasured her foster mama.

And her foster mama treasured her.

Soon, all of the other staff and orphans were coming to greet Abi. She was one treasured and loved girl at this orphanage! Jesus answered all of our prayers.


Orphanage staff, foster siblings, foster mama and new mama and papa.

What a precious place - Abi's first home, with her first family, and now with us.

This is when foster mama took my hands, and with tears in her eyes told us how glad she was to meet us and to know that Abi is in a loving home. We thanked her many times over, and told her we would take good care of Abi. This woman moved her whole family to the orphanage (when she owned her own home) just so she could take care of Abigail and two other children. I honor this precious woman with all of my heart!

Foster mama saying goodbye until they meet again, Lord-willing.

This is Abigail's finding spot! She was found in the open market, to the left of the aqua umbrella. The open market is where the small country town of Tuanfeng (where Abi was born, and where the orphanage is) goes to buy their produce, meat and eggs. It was a perfect place to leave the baby due to the high volume of people that go to the market. It made it more likely for her to be quickly found. When she was found, that person took her to the police, and the police took her to the orphanage.

There we are - standing at Abi's finding spot. Once an orphan, now a daughter.

We walked through the market, and another orphanage staff member happened to be there, so she got to see Tan Zhi Fu! She greeted our daughter with tears in her eyes. So precious.

One more picture of her finding spot. I will forever be grateful to the brave and courageous family who chose to place Abi in this spot hoping she would be found and then well taken care of. Yes, she was found, and yes, we will love her and take care of her. Thank you for this precious gift!! She is the greatest gift we will ever receive.


  1. So many amazing blessings! God is watching over you and leading every step of yours and the people involved. I'm so beyond happy and thankful for everything! And--I love seeing her adorable little smile!!!!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post all these pictures and stories. Priceless. You are an amazing family of three, and I can't wait to meet sweet Abi Mei!

  3. If I would quit crying I would be able to see her better! So absolutly precious Heather and what wonderful memories you will be able to share with her. Being able to show her where she was and how much she was loved will be priceless to her. What a special smile she has! Love, mom and dad C

  4. So I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks. Our God is SO GOOD!!! ALL the time! Can't wait to meet and touch your 'gift from above'!

  5. Oh my word, this is too much! Seriously, I'm bawling like everyone else is. I'm so glad you were able to fulfill your dream of meeting her foster mom (and bonus- everyone else who has loved on her & treasured her throughout this past year & a half!) what an intense moment. My heart is overjoyed for your family & the memories you are creating there. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to share this with us waiting anxiously at home! :) Loving you, my friends. ♥

  6. I probably shouldn't have read this one while at work...oops. Just had to reach for a government-furnished tissue :-) I am just amazed at how God orchestrated everything from the time Abi was born! Oh the destiny of this precious one. It is all so surreal. I am so glad you got to have these moments - and thank you for sharing the details along the way. It is a blessing to be a part of it. Loving the Robinson Family of three right now!

  7. So like Jesus. Lost and now found. Once alone, and now a child, adopted because of love.

  8. keep it coming girl, I can't get enough of these updates and pictures. We're spreading the good news around our cubicle spaces. Even when your not physically there, we take comfort in stalking you on the internet. :)

  9. It gives me goosebumps looking at all of this. The Lord is so good!