A great eater!

Abi loves to eat! She also loves to feed herself. In fact, she likes to do just about everything herself. She lets us help her every once in a while. :) Here are some pictures of meal times with Abigail.

We finally got her to wear a bib. We sort of sneak it on her, and then when she notices it, we just act like it's no big deal and tell her it's cool to wear bibs. Not that she understands a word we're saying, but she moves on after a few whimpers. They don't use bibs in China, so it was actually pretty hard to get her to wear a bib. But as you can see from this picture, she is a messy eater (like any 1.5 year old) and she needs a bib!

Abi loves trying to use chopsticks. Even though we feed her with chopsticks, she likes to have a pair in her hands, and tries to use them the whole time she's eating. She has now been able to pick up food four times with her chopsticks! (Yes, I'm counting! There are such milestones as your child's first step or first word; there are also milestones in our world of the first time Abi not only picks up food with her chopsticks, but gets the food in her mouth with her chopsticks!) :)

Look at how much food is on that plate! And the bowl above the plate is her congee (which I'm also going to learn how to make). She eats double of what I eat!

I can't handle that cute face.

"I love food! It makes me happy!"

We went out to eat with friends on this night, but Abi slept through half of it, then didn't eat many of her noodles. So we took it to go. Here she is finishing her dinner in our hotel room. She LOVES Chinese noodles, especially Ramen-style noodles, or the wide flat rice noodles. Loves, loves, loves them. I'm excited to learn how to cook her favorite meals. Sidenote: look at her super-cute baby chopsticks. My sister got these for her several months ago and it's been so fun seeing her use them. (She's half naked because we were in the hotel room, and it's hot and muggy in general, and because I knew she'd get noodles all over herself anyway.) :)

She posed for the camera here!!

Abi decided she had enough of the chopsticks or the fork, and she took matters into her own hands.



  1. OK....the 5th pix from the top...HIlarious!!!! I love the pursed lips with the cheeky smile! hahaha! I can....not...wait....to see you all!! Loves and kisses,

  2. Just go in girl...get your chow on :-)

  3. Oh my word, I'm laughing!! :) "get your chow on" is right! She is so cute & I never even really thought about kids learning to eat with chopsticks!! Why that never occured to me before now, but dang that's got to be tough! Yeah Abi Mei for being so coordinated & determined to get those noodles in her belly! LOL She's so cute, I love it when she just grabs the bowl & goes for it. I'm with Lauren- that one of her with the lips & cheeky smile- lovin' it!

  4. I love those photos...you go girl that food looks yummy!