Forever Family Day - July 17, 2012

She is ours, she is ours, she is ours!!!

We were interviewed and we signed all of the paperwork for Abigail Mei to officially be ours. We gave gifts to the orphanage, orphanage directer, foster care manager, foster care mother (she wasn't there, but we gave her gift to the director to give to her) and adoption officials. It was truly an incredible day, and the pictures below will speak for themselves. We are so in love with this little girl.

Andrew and I each signed the documents, and put our fingerprint by the signatures.

Then it was Abi's time to sign. She signed her whole foot!

Signed in red!

The lady on the left oversees all of the foster care at the orphanage, and the lady on the right is the orphanage director. They are amazing women, and Abi really loves them. We are so grateful for them!

The new Robinson family!


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Signed in red... so true, she's always been yours and I'm so glad you she's finally in your arms. That last photo is my favorite! Robinson's Party of THREE!! :)

  2. AND I love that she is smiling blowing bubbles!! :) It's so good to finally see her smile, not just a cheeky smirk. ;o) I'll remember the bubbles during our shoot!

  3. I love her!! I am so overjoyed. I just can't wait to see her :-) What a precious little face...muah! And, I love seeing the smiles!

    She's yours, she's yours, she's yours!!!

  4. I just can't imagine what's going on inside your hearts! I feel like mine is bursting with so much joy, gratefulness, happiness, humility...and I'm not even the mom or dad. :) I love her little smiles! Love her little chubby foot! Love the wonderful picture of the 3 of you! Love the saying behind you guys--"children are our hope and the future of our world!" You've given Abi more hope; she's given you more hope; you've all given all of us more hope! LOVE YOU!!!