Abigail Mei absolutely loves the water!! She was trying to push off of me to swim. Good thing we are doing swim lessons in August. :) The more we get to know her, the more we see ourselves in her, but mostly Andrew. He loves seafood, fish, eating, art and swimming. That is exactly Abigail. She also has a spicy and feisty personality. I wonder who she's like in that regard?? :)

I'm having trouble with blogger tonight, so I'm sorry that the photos aren't lined up! But I figured it wouldn't matter too much, so long as I got them posted!!

Trying to jump out of mom's arms!

Beautiful, lovely, captivating.


  1. Oh my word, she's beautiful! I love that photo with the plumeria in her hair!:) Gorgeous! FUN FUN FUN swimming! The boys are doing their swim lessons this week & next, too!

  2. She is sooooo beautiful! It seems I am putting a new Abi pic as my desk top background every other day. The one with the flower in her hair is the latest. I also love the one with you and Abi cheek to cheek! Love you all! See you soooooon! :-)

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