Medical Exam

We thought we might have the morning off after traveling last night and being up so late. But we did not have such luck! Today was the day all of the Lifeline Children Services (our agency) families were scheduled to go to the international medical clinic for our children's medical exams. Getting a medical exam for our baby is a required part of the process, and we were happy for it. It's great to get a check up before we go home.

This was also the first time we got to meet the rest of the Lifeline Children's Services families that are here. (We've been traveling with another Lifeline family all along, who I'll blog about later. They are amazing, and they have a new lovely 5-year old!!) It was sooo fun to see all the new adoptive parents with their new adoptive kiddos! Let's just say we were quite a sight to behold...eight children, 16 parents, two guides and several strollers, backpacks, ergos and bobas. :) We took a big huge bus to the international clinic with us and our stuff. Here are picture of this adventurous 2.5 hours!

Arrival at the clinic with our gorgeous girl.

So in love with this girl. Is it just me, or is she simply stunning??

Adoption = waiting, and even after you've adopted, the waiting still continues. :) Here we are waiting for our exam.

While waiting, Abi Mei decided she wanted to roll around on the floor. Normally, we'd rather she not roll around on a potentially (and highly likely) dirty floor, but if she's happy while waiting by rolling on the floor, shoot, roll all you want girl! (As you can tell, I'm unscathed by her rolling on the floor, and am making smiley faces at another adopted child across from us.) :)

There were so many people at the clinic; this was probably about an eighth of them. All of the folks in this picture are with our agency.

And she's still rolling! Sidenote: All of the other kids were in their parents arms. Some were crying, but most were content just hangin' out. But our kid? Rolling on the floor and giggling.

Ready for the exam! There were three exams altogether. This was the second one, and it was with the ENT doctor. The first one was with nurses, who just checked her height, weight and temperature.

"Baba, instead of taking the picture, can you just get me outta this exam already?"

Keeping Abi entertained while we wait for the final exam. She loves hanging upside down!

Cutest face in the world.

Other Lifeline families waiting for their turn.

Still keeping her entertained...She was so cute with this tambourine! She loves music.

Finally made it to the last exam. This one was with a doctor who was checking her motor skills and such.

Mama is happy but baby is not. Mama is happy because she's trying to help baby be happy. :) PS: I love Abi's scrunchy face when she gets mad.

And here's our girl just two minutes later...all done and happy again!

"Yahoo, I'm all done with my exam! I tried telling you I was cute and perfect and I did not need an exam!"

Darling baby

One of the sweet ladies helping the Lifeline families. (Is she cute or what?)

All done and waiting for the other families to finish.

And as usual, food helps everything! By the way, this girl really is our cheeky monkey...this was her third banana in just one hour!

Our cute wobbler.

Pure delight

We did it!! Time to go back to the hotel! (Remember the big huge bus I told you it is!)


  1. She is precious! What a blessing for you three to have each other. I'll be praying for an easy transition at home. Looks like she is doing so great already. I hope you will continue to share with us more after you get back home, and how the settling-in process goes, etc.

  2. I LOVE her little mad face! She just has cute faces, no matter how she's feeling! :)

  3. Whatever to how pickin' cute she is!!! And the scrunchy face - how can you resist? 3 bananas in an hour? Hee hee...

  4. Oh my goodness, her scrunchy face cracks me up! I agree with Felicia, how can you resist telling her no after she gives you that look? ha ha And that look when she's eating her 3rd banana?? Hilarious! Hunter used to be our cheeky banana eater- we used to call him Jack LaLanne, because he'd devour them like a "juicer" using his hand as the push stick, shoving them in until his cheeks were so full of banana the juice would drool out of the corners of his mouth. LOL
    I hope you are able to update a few more times throughout this week. I'm just amazed by how easily you've all transitioned into being a family! All your dreams are coming true! ♥ I can't wait to talk with you once you're home.

  5. Heather she is amazing we are so happy for you guys! What a beautiful little girl you have!!

    The Carter's