Just plain cute!

A few pictures of our afternoon and evening.

"Let's get this photo shoot started. Cameras..."

"My love language...gifts!"

Oh, those eyes

"You have my full attention"

OK, she loves loves to sleep. 2.5 hour nap this afternoon. 11 hours last night.

"Here I come"

"Hi Mama"


Loads of giggles all the time. She cracks herself up. 

They call the Wuhan girls, "The Spice Girls" 'cause they're fiesty. Yup she's Spicy

"My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"

This is the face we get see. What!!!

Another bath. One hour in the tub. We've got ourselves a water baby.

Playing with Baba through the glass wall of the bathroom

More giggles. She starts laughing and actually doubles over laughing.

Our girl

"Stop looking at my bum, cheeky monkey."


  1. She is such a doll!!! LOVE seeing her run to you with her arms open wide!!! I just love looking at these pictures all of the time! Thanks for posting!!!! Love you guys!!

  2. I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEE IT! My fave is also seeing her run to her mama!

  3. Oh my goodness the one of her smiling through the glass melts my heart!! :D I can hardly stand it, I want you all home ASAP!!!!

  4. I love love your face when you are picking her up!!!

    You have such a glow and so much love & joy showing on your face