Chinese-American Robinson baby!

We completed our adoption yesterday! According to both China and America, Abigail Mei Zhifu is officially ours!! And once she steps on American soil, she will be an American citizen. The US Consulate doesn't allow cameras, so we couldn't take any photos. But what it included was a pledge and the final paperwork. It was very special to say the pledge (I cried through it), which said that we have completed all of the necessary legal paperwork to adopt Abigail. She is now ours!!

The night before, we personally pledged to Abigail that even though she was going to become and American citizen, we will honor her Chinese heritage and raise her in it. She is Chinese-American, and we celebrate her culture and heritage!

Welcome to our family, Abigail Mei Zhifu Robinson!! We love you with all of our hearts!!!!

Here are pictures we took before we left the hotel for the US Consulate!

Abigail looks tired because she was. :) She slept a whopping 7 hours the night before (usually sleeps for 9-10 hours) because she decided to scream and cry for three hours the night before, from 9pm to midnight! :) But mama is ready to finalize the adoption and call her our own, so she is very happy. :) I also wore a necklace that I got here, which says in Chinese characters, "Mama and Daughter."

Miss Abi Grumpy Face in this photo. :)

Andrew was naturalized, and now Abigail will be! We are an international multi-cultural family.


  1. Yes!! Praise the Lord, it is official! :) you are on the home stretch now baby! I can't wait to see you all & I'll be praying for restful nights of sleep & a great little traveling partner for the flight home. Love you

  2. Side note: is that the lowest ceiling/smallest hallway ever, or what? ha ha
    Another note: I've never seen either of you as happy as you are now! For the past week your beautiful faces have been radiating joy & I LOVE IT! :) ♥

  3. Such amazing blog stories and pics and I haven't missed one.

    I was reading these in various restaurants last week while traveling and I whenever the waitress came by, my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I am sure she thought I was going to cry. I eventually left and finished reading the rest on my iPhone.

    Anyway have a wonderful flight back. Can't wait to see you guys. I tried a number of times to Skype yesterday but kept missing you. I will probably just have to wait until next week. If you have a chance try Skype us when you wake up tomorrow or when you read this next. I'll leave it on.

  4. How exciting. The tears would have been falling out of must eyes like a waterfall.
    your necklace is perfect for making it official. What an amazing journey for all of you.