New friends

We have met so many amazing new friends, and we are so blessed by each one of them! What an incredible trip this has been, and I know the friends we have made will be friends we have for our entire lives.
This is Ruth and Ernie Chavez from Vermont. They adopted this darling 7-year old, Carmella Rose. This couple is sooooo precious and have such humble, beautiful, caring, giving hearts. They are also pastors in Vermont. They now have 11 children, and Carmella is their seventh adoption. They'd like to adopt one more time - yes, Lord! Also, Carmella is from the same province as Abigail, Hubei province. So we've been with Ruth and Ernie for our entire trip - in the province (same Gotcha Day!!) and in Guangzhou. We call their daughter and my daughter rivals because they are always picking on each other. But then again, they come from Wuhan, which the Chinese say are the "spicy girls." :) Yes, they are spicy.

This is Kevin and Traci with their 5-year old daughter Eliana. We met them on Gotcha Day since we had the same Gotcha Day! Eliana is from the same orphanage as Abigail! She loves Abi, and it's so special to see them together knowing they come from the same city and orphanage. They have a special connection. Kevin and Traci are amazing people, and they now have four kids - two biological boys, one daughter from Ethiopia and now one from China! They live in northern Virginia. We've also had some fabulous conversations about parenting, and I've learned a lot from them.

The Turner family! Jeremy and Heidi with daughters Kennedi and Mollie, and they have a son Taylor who is back in the hotel room. Mollie is their newly adopted daughter. They are from Indiana. These guys are soooo much fun. They are also pastors! Jeremy and Andrew were hilarious together - a couple of cheeky pastors, let me tell you!!

This is Mike and Stephanie with Mike's mom, Joan, and their three kiddos - Elliot, Oliver and their newly adopted daughter Matti Grace. Matti Grace is the same age as Abi Mei. They live near Augusta, GA and Mike is a youth pastor and Stephanie is a pediatric physician's assistant. Not only did we have a delightful time getting to know them, but got some great parenting advice from these amazing people too!

Here is Richard and Brooke. They now have five children, with their newest one in their arms. Two of their five are twins from Ethiopia, then they have two bio kiddos as well, with the oldest one on this trip with them. Their newest one is deaf, and they are learning sign language together! She is a treasure and I will never forget this precious family.


  1. Bring that kid to Coffey as soon as you're back in WW! I want to meet her!

  2. You are going to be home so soon! I'm sure you're sad to leave but I am SO HAPPY you are coming HOME! :) {{in less than 46 hours}}