Our first few days at home

The transition for Abigail from China to America has been a bit difficult. Of course, we expected that and we are empathetic to all of the changes this little life is experiencing. New language, new faces, new home, new everything! And for this little missy who is quite shy until she lets you in, it really has been overwhelming. She wakes up two to three times a night (and it takes an hour or two to rock her back to sleep), hardly takes a nap, and cries if I leave the room even for a second. But all of this is normal, and we are doing our best to take it in stride and be the loving parents that she needs right now (and always). Our top priority is for her to know that she is safe and that we will never leave her. Today we had some breakthrough and there were some new smiles, kisses and hugs that we received from this precious life. I just really can't describe the incredible honor and joy it is to be Abi's parents.

Here are a few pictures from our first days at home!

She loves her high chair, and of course her watermelon!

Having fun climbing the stairs!

Spending time with bestie Ada!

Getting to know "NĒŽinai" - mandarin for "Grandma" on Andrew's side. (There is a different word in Mandarin for Grandma/Grandpa on my side.)

Every kid loves to get into the cupboards. So I figured...why fight it. I gave her a cupboard to have fun with. And boy did she!

She saw me sweeping and wanted to help!

Discovering the tube toy.

"The world is my playground and you are my minions."

"Abi Lou Who"
(does the look in her eyes at her Baba get any more precious than that???)

This is Abi's "I told you I wanted to go for a walk, and I wasn't kidding" look.

Playing at the neighborhood park with the coolest kid in town.

She pointed to the camera, and then posed!

She absolutely LOVED the swing.

I love how much she gets into her laugh!

She is a true Robinson...sticking her tongue out when concentrating on something.


Look mama - I'm ready to go camping at Yellowstone!


  1. These are such precious pics. It is so wonderful to see the pics of her settling in at home! Thank you for sharing that there are some difficult moments of the adjustment period as well, and not just the rosy picture of things. It will help so many who are about the experience the same. I loved the pic of her on the swing with her head back in laughter! Thank you for blogging!

  2. Heather she is just adorable!! I am so happy for you!!

  3. Toooooo awesome! I can't stand it! :) Alanna

  4. I can't help but cry. I 'm overwhelmed looking at your photos. She is beautiful!!!!!! I'm so so happy for you both. WOW. I really have no other words. Love you both.

  5. LOVING ALL THESE MOMENTS!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to play together when you get back! The DeLongs P.S. we have a pretty awesome park by our house too ;) and Isaiah and Aliyah who like to come over too. HUGS!!!!!

  6. I think I passed you two out on a walk last week! She is just so precious! God is good. Can't wait to meet her. Love, Jane