We made it to Guangzhou

We left Wuhan yesterday. The airport delay and first plane ride were rough but we made it! We thought she'd sleep on the plane since it was her bedtime. We also had a new toy for her that we were saving for that plane ride so that it'd be something new and interesting. But our girl was not interested! She was super hyper and just wanted to play with mama and baba and entertain the folks behind us, in front of us, and beside us. I think we have a little ham on our hands. :)

Oh how we love this child!!

Leaving Wuhan was bitter sweet - we left our beloved daughter's home province but we took one more step closer to her becoming a Chinese-American and us returning as a family.

On our way to the airport

Making jokes with Mama and Baba

Abigail cracks herself up, and she puts her hand up to her mouth, then doubles over in laughter. It is seriously the cutest thing ever!!

At the airport waiting in line to check in. What keeps this kid happy? Food, food, food. (And that might explain why she's 28 pounds and only 19 months old.) She is eating food here and did not have time to smile for the camera. :)


  1. She is just so yummy! I can't wait to hear the laughter!!

    We are all waiting for you to come home, Abi Mei - so much love waiting for you!

  2. I can't wait to hear her laugh in person! She's just so very cute!!!!

  3. I agree, that coy little way she covers her mouth when she laughs is irrisistible! I can't wait to see, hold & hear her in person! Glad you guys are one step closer to being home. You are so blessed, Abi is perfect! She is a good traveler & seems very social with a touch of cheekiness. She's a Robinson through & through! :)