The Adventure Continues

We ventured out again, this time to visit the yellow crane tower. The yellow crane tower is the main symbol of Wuhan. Abi (AhhhhFooooo) was fantastic. She slept most of the time and we were able to buy her some 'treasures' from China.

Sometimes very serious.....but still content.

Climbing to the yellow crane tower

We really are in China. This is for real!

From the art museum along the way

& still climbing.

Now that's a bell..."Did someone call me for lunch?"

Yellow crane tower. Happy happy mom. Beautiful sleeping princess.

View from the tower. The first bridge over the Yangtze (circa 1950s).

Yes it's us.


I wonder where this path goes...

Beautiful gardens

Time to shop

If you're gonna be a princess, you have to dress the part.


  1. I look forward every morning to a new post :-) Thank you for keeping them coming! What amazing memories, what a beautiful start to a beautiful life with your daughter. Loving yous!

  2. Heather! I can't tell you how beautiful and happy your new family is!!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE seeing all of the pics of sweet Abi Mei and joy is beaming from your eyes!!!


  3. It's so beautiful there! What a fantastic trip; to be able to become parents & at the same time experience the history & culture of Abi's heritage together! Those dresses are stunning, what great keepsakes for her.
    Heather, it looks like you are getting a great workout walking around with her. I can see the bonds forming by keeping her so close at all times. By the way- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA!!! I know we still have a day left, but for you it's happening in a matter of hours. Enjoy your travels to Guangzhou, I'm praying everything goes smoothly during your transition! But, so far Abi looks like a perfect little traveler! (Has she even cried or thrown a tantrum yet?)

  4. Awesome pix!!! She seems to be adjusting more than well, as if she knows you all were meant to be together:) I found an amazing garage sale today with 24 mo/2T clothes. So excited to shop for Abi - I picked up some winter/fallish outfits, hope they work! I love you guys, enjoy your beautiful sights in China, it looks amazing.